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Share ???????????or my experience on watching a Chinese series.
2016-10-17 22:22
???????????or my experience on watching a Chinese series.
Being inspired by an article once shared by a friend of mine in WeChat about the outstanding popularity of a Chinese series ???????? (awkwardly translated into English as ???Love for Separation???), I decided to search for the series on I was immediately captured by its storyline: three families, three 13-14 year-old teenagers, all having their share of typical teenage troubles and making their way through the debris of school exams and loads of homework and stress, strivin ...
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Share ????????????????????????????
2016-9-18 13:49
????????? or Internet celebrity, is a new product of the century, stars of the new media, who are eager to be heard and be known. Their popularity exceeds this of the celebs in movies, soap operas and pop music. They are in the TV commercials. If you don???t watch TV, but follow the news on the Internet, you???ll find even more of them. They are on the billboards on the streets, they are in your WeChat promoting another face mask or a beauty product, they are in Weibo (the main platform for ...
Personal category: Personas|5258 views|6 comments Popularity 4
Share "Salt, sugar and fat. How the food giants hooked us". On a book.
2016-8-30 01:14
"Salt, sugar and fat. How the food giants hooked us". On a book.
How much do we actually know about the food we are buying? Half a year ago I came across a book called "Salt, Sugar and Fat. How the Food Giants Hooked Us". But finished it only recently. I am far from a being a fan of junk food, over-salty, or over-sweet stuff, and honestly this food doesn't appeal to me at all. Maybe it is related to the fact that I grew up in Russia and at that time we were not so exposed to the foreign, especially made in America foods. We knew Coca Cola, Pepsi, jui ...
Personal category: Food|15489 views|16 comments Popularity 9
Share China Daily and I
2016-4-18 23:41
China Daily and I
I am back to China Daily blogs!! And here is my stroy to share on China Daily's 35th anniversary! First I want to say, I am so happy to have discovered it some year ago and then became a devoted reader and contributer. China Daily, we love you! (Image courtesy of Stephanie Tai) My acquaintance with China Daily started a couple of years ago when I was doing my internship with ???The World of Chinese??? magazine in Beijing, and was responsible for writing and uploading b ...
Personal category: China Daily|10218 views|14 comments Popularity 12
Share A talk with Raymond Zhou
2015-10-17 15:02
A talk with Raymond Zhou
They say, a talented person is talented in everything. I did not inquire about whether he is also gifted in horticulture, but the talent of incisive, acute and yet truthful and business-like writing is something no one can take away from him. I am talking about Raymond Zhou , a pioneer in composing movie reviews for China in a style that was not typical to the Middle Kingdom back in the days which brought him the popularity as a movie review writer. Nowadays Mr. Zhou is a ...
Personal category: Interviews and people|6569 views|6 comments Popularity 9
Share A story of one tea pilgrim.
2015-7-7 16:00
A story of one tea pilgrim.
???I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea???, states one of the characters in Fyodor Dostoyevsky???s novel ???Notes from Underground???. Believe it or not, tea is a story, with its tellers and listeners. It can be romantic and warming like red tea, soothing and calming like green tea, or mysterious and refreshing like pu-erh tea. People drink tea differently in various countries, and choose different kinds of tea due to their preferences. The only thing doesn???t chang ...
Personal category: Culture|5216 views|1 comments Popularity 8
Share Legends of Shanxi.
2015-6-30 15:54
There is a Chinese saying that reads: ???If you want to see the thirty-year-old China, you should come to Shenzhen, if you want to see the one-hundred-year-old China, you should come to Shanghai,visit Beijing for one-thousand-year history and to witness five-thousand-year history, come to Shanxi???. Being a cradle for the ancient civilization of China, Shanxi province, standing to the west from Beijing, is a gold mine for legends and folk tales. They had been composed through the c ...
Personal category: Travelling|4627 views|0 comments Popularity 9
Share China Daily trip to Shanxi.
2015-6-3 17:43
China Daily trip to Shanxi.
The Chinese people believe in fate, or yuanfen, as they call it. It is the yuanfen that bring people together and separate them, the chances of getting a job or entering a university is also a matter of yuanfen, and it is fate when we visit certain places, according to the wise easterners. I have heard about Shanxi province before, as the names like Wutaishan, Pingyao and Datong are very famous around China and if someone is a little bit interested in the Chinese culture, also should have ...
Personal category: Travelling|5710 views|1 comments Popularity 19
Share Buying online in China.
2015-5-30 12:19
While the Chinese economy is slowing down its pace due to a big shift in the country???s development direction, people might see some changes happening right in front of their eyes. Air-polluting Industries, a long-term concern for every China???s dweller, are finally getting out of the cities, leaving a path for other economically profitable sectors to flourish. Nowadays, the Internet is undoubtedly a huge contributor to the Chinese economy. While in China, you can???t help seeing people ar ...
Personal category: Living in China|2994 views|0 comments Popularity 4
Share My 2014 travelling year in China and not only.
2015-5-20 18:47
My 2014 travelling year in China and not only.
China is a paradise for travelers where people travel vastly and frequently, be it for business trips or vacations. And it is explainable due to the country???s developed touristic sector, the low cost of travel, accessibility, bullet trains that now connect the majority of cities in China and awe-inspiring scenery. In addition, China???s convenient geographical position in South-East Asia makes it easy to travel to other budget-friendly and amazing countries like Thailand, Vietnam or South K ...
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